Count multiple objects!


I have a problem.
I want to count multiple objects, but how do I do this?
I’ve searched a lot on this website, but I could not find anything.
He must count the cubes (a tag I can give them if necessary), and if there are 0, he must do something.
For example Debug.Log(“Hey”);

Does anyone know how you do that?

I’ve always seen Unity as a she, never the less -

You can do something like this:

function Start () {
	if(CountCubes()==0) {

function CountCubes () : int {
    var cubes : GameObject[] = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("cube");
    return cubes.Length;

But it’s far better to keep track of quantities by adding or subtracting a single integer when you spawn or remove objects.

Sorry, but it does not work :frowning:


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