Countdown in multiplayer game

Hello. I have a question for you guys here. Does anyone know how to make a countdown for multiplayer game? Like when you hit “Start”, than the countdown starts. The other players should also see this countdown.

HOW TO MAKE THIS? Help please :slight_smile:

When you connect to a player RPC them the Time.time of the server. They then store this on each player as a serverTimeOffset from their own Time.time `serverTimeOffset = serverTime - Time.time). Now the server can send an RPC with Do X at Y time, or the level ends at time t and the client just has to use the serverTimeOffset it has stored to work out what it means in terms of its Time.time.

Make a variable and subtract it with Time.time. Time.time is a total time since scene loads. So by subtracting by it, it will give you a count down style.

Here is an example

var totalTime : int;
var timeLeft : int;

function Update () {

	timeLeft = totalTime - Time.time;
	print (timeLeft);


Hope this helps!