Coyote model missing in Locomotion System

Hi runevision i hope you can answer me i have a problem and when i download a Locomotion System on unity i type Coyote there is a prefab called Coyote and i drop it into the scene and the model is not there and there are the 8 empty places say missing animation plz help

Hi there,
I’ve just downloaded it from the Asset Store and it is indeed missing the Coyote mesh. Under package contents in the Asset Store, there is no indication that you will be getting any other models but the Heron and Hero unfortunately! I’m not sure why the prefab has been left in the package but this is not an error on your part.

Hi. When moving the project from the website to the Asset Store I removed the Coyote model. The Coyote model was provided by a private company under a different license than the rest of the Locomotion System package (I believe it could be used for non-commercial projects only, or something like that). In order to have the Locomotion System conform to the standard Asset Store license terms I had to remove the Coyote.

I could have specified that the Locomotion System used a special non-standard license, but I didn’t think including the Coyote model was worth all that extra license complexity.

It was a mistake to leave the (broken) Coyote prefab in the project though. I’ll remove it in the next revision.