CPU GPU Profiler

Well i had this topic for steam and epicgames and since i had a unity engine too, decided to send it here eventually.

Basically it’s about changing the distribution model to fit many CPU models and their exact instructions. It works for android in the way - they simply change the OS version, but in fact nobody knows how many instructions changed for exact CPU used - and there are bunch of those for smartphones.
But for desktop - it’s the same, but in terms of CPU versions AMD and Intel is just a top of those, but inside they had different architecture between many models.
And for the game itself you just need the support of some instructions, basically used by the OS language, so you can work through OS or through hardware instructons and compile different set of executables for few major CPU models of some years. i mean it’s not like everybody can get the newest CPU to play the game, the produce about 40-60m pieces / year and basically you don’t need all those functions for game , if you can disable some features. But for newest models of CPU you just don’t use their power. Same for GPU.
Well, you can check that link it’s all written.