CPU wait on GPU for finish

The game im making for iOS is having a lot of memory issues. so i started searching to see what could be the problem with instruments
and with the OpenGL ES analyzer i came up with 2 occurrences where CPU wait on GPU for finish. I did some searches on it and im not exactly sure what it is still. nor am i sure how to fix it. can help me out with where to go with this?

Simple description: On iOS once Unity has finished all its work, it will hand over the scene to OpenGL to render. The work inside OpenGL happens on the CPU, and the CPU ends up giving instructions to the GPU about what to render. Once the GPU has finished rendering what’s on the screen is what your app wanted. Control then passes back from the OpenGL driver to Unity.

Actual description: If the work the GPU has to do is big, then this way of working means the CPU is idle for a lot of the time. So, whilst the GPU is busy doing it’s thing, control actually returns to Unity, and it then gets on working hard on the next frame. This is meant to allow the CPU and the GPU to be busy all the time.

Now, if Unity has prepared frame N, and the GPU is still working on frame N-1, then the CPU has to idle waiting for the GPU to finish. This scenario is called GPU bound, and is the situation that Instruments is reporting. The Unity built in (non-Pro) profiler reports this as cpu-waits-gpu. The time spent inside OpenGL is shows as cpu-ogles-drv.