Crack the game

What I mean is what is the best way to make a game uncrackable(cannot be cracked)

So…what I mean is I have a game but I want to make it for money…I want to give the 1 that payed a link from where to download the game…But the problem is I want to make it only for him so if that guy shares the link it won’t work for anybody else…I know it’s quite hard to answer this but if you want more details please reply here…

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Don’t bother.

Multi-million dollar studios are unable to make their games uncrackable, and their attempts to do so (DRM, online login, etc) are highly unpopular with legitimate users.

Your best strategy is to make it so simple and cheap to buy your game that it’s more effort to pirate it than to pay for it. This is why the App Store is so successful, and it’s also working in other media:

As a compromise, how about a free download/webapp which functions as a demo until unlocked with a password?

  • Encourages users to try the demo and share it around
  • Once they have the demo, emphasize
    that the full game is there ready to unlock
  • Password can be emailed and shown onscreen instantly after payment
  • Password should be generated from username (preferably an OpenFeint username or such like)
  • Remember that the local install is unlocked, don’t make 'em enter the password every session

That should be enough to discourage casual piracy. Little Jimmy probably won’t give out his password if it means all his friends have to log into the game as Jimmy too.

Well, in order to do this, you would have to have a webserver for the game to be uploaded to so that the user can download the game from the website!!!

Then, in order to give someone a link to download it, you would probably need to use server side scripting, I.e. PHP, ASP.NET, JSP etc…

Here is a PHP secure download script, which can make urls that will only work a certain number of times!!! You can also use free webhosting, a good one is!!!
I know you can do it with 000webhost as I use them for some websites, you can make it so that if someone types or pastes the URL to a page into their browser, then they get an error, to say that they can’t go directly to the directory, they must link to it from the website

Feel free to comment back for more information!!!


I’ve written about this before if you care to look my answer up in here and in gamedev.

My point is still the same. Nothing can be secured 100%, if your game is that good. Piracy is going to be your least concern. BUT to give you some ideas for anti-cracking.

  1. implement a serverbased checkup.

  2. place different simple “controls” within the gameplay. Once one of these checks are reported falsely, store this “knowledge” in your server and once the player gets much further in the game. Like if 30 levels takes 2 months then put a check there that only allows players without the problem to advance/find the needed key. The cracked gamer will be stuck there forever and over time loose interest or buy it.

  3. keep pushing new content/updates for the game. Follow up on the community you build around the game. Remove errors small steps forcing the cracked versions to be updated over and over too. Sooner or later the pirates either loose interest or you start to see a pattern and develop something that will annoy them too.

  4. dont spend all your energy on making a hard to break game, because there is a bigger chance that you wont ever finish building the actual game + it might not be as great as you think if you invest 80% in the anti-crack part instead of making a great game.

  5. Think: FREEMIUM model. Make a huge part of the game free forever. Let the none-payers have fun with that. Let the payers buy small upgrades or customizations for themeselfs. All should be server controlled and therefore as it belongs to the player, no one will benefit from a hack/cracked version, because you can detect such flaws in the “shop” on the server and ban the client… or as I say in #3 - note who are cheating and then suddently make them stuck in the game without telling them why. Nasty eh? :o)

Thats some of my ideas for how I design software today.

Honestly I suggest you worry about simply making your game good instead of fretting about how to stop people from stealing it. The truth of the matter is anyone who is going to pirate your game was (most likely) never going to pay for it to begin with. If you make your game worth the money you want to charge people, they will pay for it, and pay for it gladly.

That is not to say you shouldn’t take measures to make prating more difficult. If you are hosting your game online require a user name and password to login maybe with a validated email address on sign up. If someone gives out their own information to someone else so they can play, they themselves are usually taking a major risk as sensitive information may be on their own account, if they PAID for the game then all that information is probably on their profile in your system.

Use simple deterrents that will not irritate a legitimate individual.

I was just thinking to do a download thing for the payer’s computer only…Something like you get the download thing only and only for a choosen IP…This would require the user to give his IP …So basicaly is it posiblle to make a download for a IP only?

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Your BEST bet is to just put your game somewhere available for FREE, but also force the downloader to view some ads, and get paid for the ads. Then there will be no reason to pirate the game, and you still get paid for each time someone visits the download page.

I HAVE THE ANSWER !!! once they pay and download it u give them a registration key code that they can fill in online . then if they try to share the game to someone that someone cant open it because they have no new code to do it. each customer will have one code each given and they must fill it in online :slight_smile:

You would need to make the game work on only one system, or give a URL to the download that expires after 30 days or something. But even if you do that, what’s to say I can’t just copy the files to someone else’s computer? What then?