Crash bug in WebGL, Web Assembly only in Non development builds with huge call stack - Unity 5.6

I am getting a crash in my game, but ONLY when I build for WebGL with WebAssembly enabled, and development build disabled (with any of these options different, the game runs fine).

The error message is:
Error: Out of bounds Trunc operation (evaluating ‘Module[“asm”][“dynCall_vif”].apply(null, arguments)’)

I also have a solution - which I will post next - and I’ve reported it as a bug, but since I am not on the latest build, it may not get address - hence this post to let the community know how to work around it.

The problem arises from setting the pitch of an AudioSource to zero.

I think it causes in infinite recursion of function calls which ultimately runs out of stack space. The huge call stack makes it impossible to find where the crash actually happened - I only found it with a divide and conquer approach using Debug.Log().