[CRASH] Memory can not be "read" / "write"

Builded game realy often crash with this error. As we suggest it’s partialy related to our level-streaming system, and over types of loading scenes, or Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets()

More over, we can’t reproduce it in office, only in production-builds.

Appeared after update from Unity 2017 to 2018 beta.

alt text

More info :

Error appear on simple SceneManger.LoadScene (single) and on SceneManger.LoadLevelAsync (single) and on SceneManger.LoadLevelAsync (additive)

Plarform : PC, Windows 64-bit

DirectX : 11 only

Level-streaming Details :

Scenes Load / Unload Asyncronously additive scenes, but there’s can not be two simultaneous unloads or two simultaneous loads. And, as I told earlier, crash happeneds even on simple scene loads

Error disappeared after update to Unity 2018.1.0f2