Crash on .exe but fine on editor...

Hi, i have a big problem, if i run the game out of the editor (the .exe) if i reach a certain scene of my game it crashes but when i reach the same location on the unity editor it allows me to continue playing, reading the output_log i found that the guilty may be the script of the cutscene but i don´t find any problem on it. Thanks for your help. I´ll leave the output log with the crash log on it and the script as an attachment. Sorry if my english has problems , my main language is spanish.[28079-output_log.txt|28079]

It seems you hit that bug:

You might have used a MeshCollider on a simple shape like a plane. Try another collider (boxcollider for example)

ps: I don’t recommend that you upload your project to sites like mediafire. Keep your project private :wink: