Crash on exit

Hi Guys, I´m Eros Carvalho game producer at Hoplon.

Such as you know, we are working in a new version of HMM (Heavy Metal Machines) to release at Closed Beta until end of November.
This game is amazing and we certainly will do a huge launch next year.

I need some help of your support guys, we are facing a crash when close the game. And on callstack we see only Unity 3D functions.
Looking for the callstack we can see that the crash happen when the ClearPropertyBlock of GameObjects with an Animator Component that animate materials.
In our case, we are animating the parameter _progress of our shader.

The animation happen on object “window” child of “3_gadget_manager”.
On full dump callstack on the penultimate ActivateAwakeRecursivelyInternal we can see the memory address for an Unity::GameObject of 3_gadget_manager.

The address of this object is: 723887156. (decimal scale)

Please take a look that full dump Unity::GameObject::m_name de 723887156 is pointing to memory address 0x2b25a4d9.
This memory address contains “_gadget_manager”. But inspecting the memory address 0x2b25a4d8 we can see the character “3”.

On the link bellow you can download all relevant files like full dump, exe etc.


We do not found a solution or workaround for this problem, please could you help us?

Hi,@Eroscc. We met the same problem. When our game close, it randomly crash. And we collection the crash report find the same issue. How do you fix it?