Crash on IOS

I have been experiencing an intermittent crash on IOS. I have a native stack trace but unfortunately it doesn’t give me much context. It might well be a bogus stack but I’ve had exactly the same stack trace a couple of times now.

#0 0x00890c40 in s_SkinVertices4Bones_Copy4Ints_NEON_loop()
#1 0x0091f314 in SkinOptimized<(TransformInstruction)4, false, 4, true, false>(info=@0xff3b400, copyDataSizeInts=159542272) at /Applications/buildAgent/work/842f9557127e852/Runtime/Filters/Mesh/MeshSkinning.cpp:491

The stack trace does not continue from here. (unable to unwind stack)

As it’s in low level code I can’t really have a more comprehensive look to see what’s going on. I was hoping for some insight or ideas on how to track this crash down.

One more possible point of data and I’m not entirely convinced this is relevant is that it often seems to happen when spawning new game objects.

looks related to mine: