Crash on iPhone due to CollisionMeshData

Hey guys,

I’m receiving a lot of crashes on my app. The crash reports are coming up in the crashlytics and its being tagged as repetitive by firebase. It is commonly happening on iPhones.

Here is the crash log which I received from crashlytics.

Crashed: BatchDeleteObjects
0  UnityFramework                 0x5cb5dc CollisionMeshData::Cleanup() + 25 (CollisionMeshData.cpp:25)
1  UnityFramework                 0xbed1e8 Mesh::~Mesh() + 3490 (Mesh.cpp:3490)
2  UnityFramework                 0x443628 delete_object_internal_step2(Object*) + 1123 (BaseObject.cpp:1123)
3  UnityFramework                 0x519e2c BatchDeleteStep2Threaded(void*) + 101 (BatchDeleteObjects.cpp:101)
4  UnityFramework                 0x5c8850 Thread::RunThreadWrapper(void*) + 82 (Thread.cpp:82)
5  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x3338 _pthread_start + 116
6  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x1938 thread_start + 8

Any idea how can I address these crashes? Any input will be appreciated.

Hello, I have the same problem and I don’t have any solution to it. But I found that 1. This crash occurred in the background, not the foreground. 2. This crash only occurs in IOS15 and above.

Hello, have you resolved it

I wasn’t able to resolve it. In the end we decided to ignore as its occurrences were low compared to other issues we were facing.

In case someone managed to resolve this issue, I would still love know how.