Crash on Texture Select


When im in Unity i get the Nullreferenceexeption error, even with an empty scene which is bugging me. (Also after reinstalling and going straight into a new scene.

But on top of that the other issue i have which i cant find anything about is.

When i have an object in scene selected and i want to give it a texture (texture property in inspector) the game crashes instantly.

Anyone has a clue how to solve these problems? Else all the work ive done till now is wasted :(

Thank you in Advance


Click [Window]
Click [Layouts]
Click [Revert Factory Settings]
Click [Continue] - Revert All Window Layouts

I had same problem when I downloaded ‘steel barrels’ package from the asset store. So I just removed the whole package from my project and got fixed.

whenever I was selecting either a texture or any of the materials unity was crashing.
hope this helps.