Crash on WebRequest

We have an empty project that builds and runs on VisionOs simulator in windowed mode.

Upon adding a WebRequest the application crashes on UnityCreateWebRequestBackend specifically on request.allHTTPHeaderFields = (**__bridge** NSMutableDictionary*)headerDict; with EXC_BAD_ACCESS code=1 .

Is there some sort of permission that we are failing to add?

A bit of update on that.
This concerns building to Windowed mode or full VR, PolySpatial packages are disabled (we tried to remove them too)
We can bypass this problem by commenting out unsupported logic from

itemrequest.allHTTPHeaderFields = (__bridge NSMutableDictionary*)headerDict;
and implementation of UnitySendWebRequest

It feels like there is an extra step in compiler while having the PolySpatial package enabled.

Same here. Disabling headers is no option for us, though.

For us either, we really rely on a fix for this. This was just a temporary solution so that we can test other things.

We had to go back to 2022.3.12f1. That solves the problem for now.

Looks like we have a fix