Crash when returning from PlayStore purchasing interface

Hello. Using Unity IAP in my android game I’m able to successfully launch Google Play Store’s purchasing interface (where the actual transaction is handled). However, when returning from this interface (either through purchasing or by cancelling) the game freezes and then crashes.

adb logcat does not display any error messages (or any messages at all) when this happens, so debugging becomes really hard. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this crash? I would be thankful for any help. (Using Unity 2018.3.2f1, IAP 2.2.0)

Update: after updating the Unity IAP from the asset store and reimporting the UnityPurchising plugin and IAP package the immidiate purchase, immidiate decline, and cancel works as intended. But delayed transactions (“Credit card approves after a few minutes” and “Credit card declines after a few minutes”) still cause a crash.

Im having the same issue, did you find the solution?