Crashing on Samsung S6, S6 Edge, and Galaxy Tab S

The game I’m working on is running on all devices just fine, but doesn’t work on Samsung S6, S6 Edge, and Galaxy Tab S unless I build in development mode. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing the crash?

  • Using Unity 4.6.1
  • Samsung S6, S6 Edge, and Galaxy Tab S running Lollipop
  • Logcat showed a memory violation error when the app launches to a black screen and crashes.

reduce your image size to 512

i have the same case

  1. unity5.0.4
  2. Samsung S6, S6 Edge(other decives like nexus is ok)
  3. Lollipop(android 4.x is ok)
  4. black screen

Hi @CodeGize, @TTJohnson

We are also facing same Issue with some of Galaxy family Devices like Galaxy S5 and newer devices. (its work perfect on Nexus, Galaxy S4, OnePlus, Motorola etc). We are using Unity 5.2.0f3

When We work with Unity 4.6.x that issue came with Nexus 7 Tablet and it solved out with uncheck "Use 32 bit Display buffer" from player setting of application. but for this issue that solution also not works.

I thought that issue due to Device GPU Galaxy S6 series has GPU from MALI, maybe mali is not support one these two (32 bit Display Buffer / Depth and stencil")

We have tried on another Galaxy Tab 10.1 with uncheck “User 32 bit Display Buffer” it will not work but we checked “User 32 bit Display Buffer” and “Disable Depth and Stencil” is work on that device.

I don’t test yet on S6 and S6 Edge. but As I mentioned about Galaxy 10.1 has Adreno GPU and S6 has mali GPU.

This could be a number of things. Try giving a little more detail about what your code is doing, or what is in your scene.

  • Download a version of Unity 5 (you can keep using 4 afterwards), because it has the profiler for free.
  • Backup your project folder somewhere and update a copy of it to Unity 5.
  • Download Unity Remote to your Android device from the play store (read up on how to get it working if you don’t already know).
  • In the build settings, make sure autoconnect profiler is ticked and look for any information in the profiler window (while the app is running). Keep an eye out for large spikes that may be crashing the app.