Crazy amount of draw calls. How do I fix?

Okay so i have a game where my map is generated. Trees and buildings are all less than 900 verts and tris
The thing is, batching does nothing, when I have about 1.3k objects, 4.5k draw calls happen, and can bring 60fps down to24! The trees have differant scales, and roations. but use the same materials on all of them(no textures, just mats). nothing works, how do i reduce 4.5k calls down to… 400-500?

Let’s start at the beginning - do you have Unity Pro? If so, your problem is probably in the different scales applied to your objects, which will break dynamic batching.
If not, then I’ll assume you’re talking about static batching - are your objects marked as static?

Unity - Manual: Draw call batching).