Crazy Drawcalls On Unity 4.3 Sprite Renderer

I have a serious problem with draw calls on Unity 4.3 and later.
I have only one sprite in the scene and I duplicate it 3 times. Now I have 4 draw calls!! Means a draw call per sprite renderer. Why this is happening? Shouldn’t it be just 1 draw call? Any suggestions?

yes, I have done these settings you suggested. They didn’t work. But by setting mesh type to full rect, I was able to reduce draw calls to 1, but performance issue was still there. I am investigating about other factors.

[edit] I just realized that negative scale amount, still add 2 drawcalls. why is that and how can I fix it?

That’s expected behaviour. If you want them to be batched into a single drawcall then you need to mark them as static (assuming that these sprites don’t move, rotate or scale in the game). If they do move, rotate, or scale, then they’ll always require a separate drawcall.

Try assigning a packing tag to the sprite(s) you want to be drawn on 1 draw call. In general make sure all settings are the same for those sprites so that they end up on the same atlas when Unity sprite Packer packs them.

Unity Sprites are free of the traditional restrictions concerning batching when scaling or rotating.