Crazy Mecanim Glitch

Hey all,

I’m having a few Mecanim problems. I’ve never used Mecanim before so its hard to diagnose where the problem is coming from. I have a basic idle animation that I’ve set as such in the animation state machine. When I hit play, it flips upside down, is all the way across the map, and is paused in a completely bizarre position, not playing at all. It’s Transform stays exactly where it is, the bounding box doesn’t move at all but the animated character is completely somewhere else. When we play the animations in Legacy mode it doesn’t have these problems at all, they play like they do in Blender. But when they’re in humanoid it goes whack.

I’ve checked avatar and the bones are all in their correct spots, and no errors show up. I’ve gone over the import settings through several Mecanim tutorials and it’s identical to those settings. Yet the problem still persists. Does anyone have any ideas where it might be going wrong along the process?

Thanks in advance.

@dood98998 , @AndyMartin458 , @overlord

Did anyone figure this out - why a humanoid doesn’t work? I have the same issue and it is driving me nuts.

Thanks for any help.