Crazy rendering task

This is probably a no, but i’m playing around with a perlin generator (the one from the minecraft in unity project), and i’m rendering a terrain using 16250 particles. This doesn’t lag, being that particles are single vert. billboards, but if I where to render 16250 cubes, what would supposedly happen?

Computer stats: i7-3630QM quad core @ 2.4GHz, 8gb of DDR3 RAM, and Intel 4000 Graphics card

Why haven’t you tried it? Your machine isn’t going to melt :slight_smile: If they use a sharedMaterial, it will batch and be ‘pretty’ fast… but C# /javascript is not the ideal language to do this. I do something similar to this in C++ in CryEngine, there’s a link through my profile… i had to make sure it’s memory aligned for real time generation/removal of objects, thrown into a ‘coroutine’, and you can see how fast it is there. For this size there it would take a few seconds for a couple million polygons (many are batched). (i did a minecraft demo with simple boxes). It won’t be nearly as fast here. If you need to get access to the objects once placed, you can force some memory alignment by using an array that never resizes itself…u don’t want to use dictionary, list, etc., only array.