Create a 3D GUI with Unity

I want to create a real 3D GUI.

alt text Source

I am aware of the GUI Scripting Guide, but as far as I know one can only create 2D Controls.

2D Button

I have created a set of controls with custom meshes and textures. Is there a framework I can use to create a 3D User Interface? Does Unity itself provide a framework for creating 3D GUIs? If none of this question can be answered with “yes”, what would be the best way to implement a 3D GUI?

This is sort of a cop out answer IMO but you might want to look at NGUI.

The current GUI system is IMO a real pain to work with. NGUI is really easy to work with. For sure something worth looking at especially if you’re interested in a 3d GUI.

We use EZGUI for our interface work. There was a learning curve, but we’ve been happy with the package. I’ve never worked with a 3D object like this as a control, but I noticed they have a UIButton3D Class they describe as, “Button class that allows you to invoke a specified method on a specified component script. This differs from UIButton in that it has no sprite graphics and instead is intended to be used in conjuction with an existing 3D object in the scene.”