Create a card prefab with 2 planes in Unity 2D

So I am trying to create a card prefab for a card game I’m working on. I have seen other suggest two planes back to back to do this, however I am apparently a moron and can’t quite get it to work.

Here is what im doing.

Im creating a empty game object, then im creating two planes. Naming them each front and back. I make the empty game object the parent of these two planes. Now being in 2d I think i need to rotate the planes on the Y axis to -90 so i can see them flat on the screen.

Now I am trying to figure out how to add my images to them that I have. These images have already been imported into the project. This is where im stuck, I can’t seem to figure out how to add images.

If you can help me out or give me any other suggestions id surely appreciate it!

You can only apply materials to renderers. Material is what defines how the mesh will be rendered, so you need some material that renders your texture (image), while also defining how it’s rendered/shaded (eg. lighting). The simplest way is to simply drag’n’drop the texture from the project window to your renderer (plane) in the scene view, this should automatically create a default type material (diffuse shading i think) with the image assigned as diffuse texture, giving you the expected result. Do this for both sides / planes.

In the future, you don’t want to create a new material per object, but reuse materials instead, so think of it as a resource. The less materials, the less memory usage and time to render the scene (state changes, dynamic batching etc).