Create a game for both the iPhone and the Web Player

I'm about to start the development of an iPhone app in Unity, which I also want to build for Unity's web plugin. I am thinking of creating the projects as I normally would for the iPhone in Unity iPhone and at the end, clone the project and re-import it into Unity and build for the web.

Aside from a few small tweaks I might have to do, will this work? Or are there huge differences between projects in these 2 environments I should be aware of?

For our iPhone game we develop in Unity Pro and move the project to Unity iPhone for testing. To handle differences in controls some code is compiled conditionally using `#ifdef UNITY_2_6` constructs. It works great except for the crashes we often have when moving from pro to iphone version (the asset import messes things up that often result in when opening a level in unity unity crashes or hangs). Of course UnityiPhone uses an older version of MONO so some constructs can't be used. Other issue we have is that UnityPro doesn't support the .m4a format.

We are in the same exact situation as you, and we decided to make our project on iPhone and then port to web-based.

Our reasons were the same as you, we thought starting from the most limited platform would be easier to import. And for our project, it is. We don't have our unity programmers working on Windows, and iPhone Unity is our main development enviroment, but I agree is slightly less stable than pro version.

About importing asset bugs, they dissapeared the moment we stopped using manual FBX exporting (from our 3D Max artist) and we started using the built-in C4D unity importer.

We can make the web-based port from our iPhone project in less than a hour, although some control/timer tweaking is necessary to make the game feel just like the iPhone version.