Create a Game from Scratch (7hr tutorial series)

Hello! Welcome to this Create a Game series, the aim of which is to take you through the process of creating a game from start to finish in Unity. It is intended for an audience that is already comfortable with the basics of C# and Unity. Hope you enjoy!

Edit: the series is now finished. It consists of 25 episodes, and spans roughly 7 hours.
You can try out the final game here:

Episodes released so far:
• Episode 01 - creating the player controller
• Episode 02 - creating a gun equip and shoot system
• Episode 03 - creating an enemy to chase the player around
• Episode 04 - creating a damage system
• Episode 05 - creating a wave spawn system
• Episode 06 - implementing enemy attacks
• Episode 07 - tying up some loose ends
• Episode 08 - creating a tile map
• Episode 09 - generating obstacles
• Episode 10 - ensuring map connectivity
• Episode 11 - map navigation
• Episode 12 - finishing the map generator
• Episode 13 - random spawning
• Episode 14 - game over
• Episode 15 - particle death effects
• Episode 16 - weapon effects
• Episode 17 - weapon variation
• Episode 18 - wave difficulty
• Episode 19 - crosshairs
• Episode 20 - recoil and reloading
• Episode 21 - weapon models and more UI
• Episode 22 - audio part 1
• Episode 23 - audio part 2
• Episode 24 - menu
• Episode 25 - finishing up

Source code can be found on GitHub.
And should you wish, you can support my videos on Patreon.

Sebastian Lague


Episodes one and two are out:

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Episode 03:

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Episode 04:

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Episode 05:

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Cool! You've got some great videos. Looking foreward to this one as well.

Thanks Not_Sure :)
Episodes 6 and 7 are now available:

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In the next couple of episodes we'll be generating random levels.
E08 deals with creating the tile map.

Episodes nine and ten have been released - both dealing with level generation.

And episode 11 - navmesh for the level generator

Thanks for these... they're great :)

My pleasure OldRod; episodes 12, 13 and 14 are now out.

I've updated the main post with episodes 15 and 16, which cover particle death effects for the enemies, as well as weapon effects like shells and muzzleflashes.

@SebastianLague , I love your tutorials.

I actually discovered your tutorials with the Blender character modelling one.

This series is great for me. Getting back to Unity after a while. The pace is perfect for me. I can always stop and digest if I need to.

It's all so elegant (at least from my vantage point).

Thanks again. I hope to be a Patreon soon.

I'd also consider this tutorial as a teaching aid or possibly the basis for a curriculum (summer code camp, etc) . I find that subjects (coroutines/interfaces/events-delegates/etc.) are introduced in the relevant/organic context without forcing them and things gravitate towards simplicity.

I'm on lesson 8 - can't wait for that enemy disintegration episode :)

@SebastianLague - I just stumbled across Infection (LD #29 entry) - wow! I can see where you got to flex your TDS muscles.

Here's the behind the scenes for those interested:

[Ludum Dare #29] Infection: Behind the Scenes

Thanks gl33mer :)

The series is now up to its 18th episode. Just a few more to go!

My tendency has always been to !finish many of these. I hope to see this one through (and get back and finish the new platform one :)

and thank you! Your tut's are a perfect fit with me.

Up to #20 now, getting close to the end ;)

Back with episode 21:

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E22 - creating audio system.