Create a GameObject

Hi ! ^^

I want to create a gameObject when a interruptor is activated and I looked at the manual for this. I found how to create a new gameObject and how to give ita boxcollider or a rigidbody.
Can somebody tell me how to give a sprite to this new GameObject ? ^^

Thanks for your answer ^^

Good day @Bohemond !

I recommend you to watch more tutorials and read more manuals before commence asking things, because here is to solve problems, not basic things.

But i will help you anyway:D

You want to know how to add a sprite to a GamObject in the inspector Editor? or via scripting during Runtime?

For Do this in editor, you need to create a Material, and asign your sprite to this material. Then attach the material to the GameObject.

Hi @tormentoarmagedoom ^^

It’s kind to you to answer to a beginner like me

Fortunately, I’m not so incompetent in Unity and I know how to give a sprite to a game object in the hierarchy view ^^
I wanted to know how to give, via a script, a sprite to a game object jste created during the game by the script.
Thanks to the manual, I found the command .AddComponent and I can give a sprite renderer to a gameObject created during the runtime but I don’t know how to give it a sprite via the code ^^