Create a legacy animation without a model

I would like to play an animation in Unity 4.3 that I created using the Animation Window that animates some properties.

However, Unity complains with

The AnimationClip 'hint1' used by the Animation component 'X' must be marked as Legacy.

From other questions and googleing, I just found answers that suggest changing the Rig-type of the model where the animation was imported from.

The Problem is: I don’t have any Rig, I don’t even have any mesh nor model. I created the animation using the menu “Assets/Create/Animation”. The anim just changes some script properties. All this worked perfectly fine in Unity 3.x before.

How do I set the legacy attribute, if I don’t have any import dialog for rigs?

That is what my inspector of the animation looks like: (No “Legacy” setting)


You can also select the animation. Go to the inspector. Set the inspector to Debug mode. And set the animation type to 1 instead of the default of 2.

Ok, already found it. It seems that animations created using “Assets/Create/Animation” are non-legacy animations. However, if I use the “[Create New Clip]” menu option from within the Animation Window it creates an legacy animation (only available on Instances of Animation components, not on prefabs… for whatever reason).


Another option seem to be to open the corresponding *.anim file (switch to “Force Text” in Edit/Project Settings/Editor/Asset Serialization first). Then search for “m_AnimationType: 2” and change that to “m_AnimationType: 1”.

Doesn’t look like there is a GUI option to change the type (yet).

or if you have unity 5, you can select the animation. Right click on the Inspector. Choose Debug mode, and check legacy. you can also choose the animation to loop.