Create a mirror

Hello, I create a game map. I want to make a mirror in it like it is at the pool. First, I want to see if the mirror works at all. When I create a Cube, the color is assigned to white automatically → I create a new material called reflection, I drag on the cube, change the reflection material to metalic 1 and smoothness to one and the cube is white. I also change Gameobject-> Light-> Reflection Probe and then the cube is white. Why is this happening?

I am asking for help and thank you in advance. Greetings!
P.S When someone can handle water pro, please contact me.

One way of doing it would be to just check for objects within the view distance of the mirror, and then duplicating those on the other side of the mirror (or alternitively, directly behind it with the appropriate scaling and angling done. this would require more coding though)

In order the reflection probe to work you need set “realtime” in inspector for the probe. Then you can decide if you want to update that probe every frame or just use the awake version. Realtime is expensive, with scripting you can define the update interval.

If you need just plane mirror, I’d recommend render texture & camera behind the mirror. You can then move the cam according player position under the floor to get perspective changes also.