Create a ring in unity

How would you go about creating a ring for something to pass through it, sort of like a plane going through a series of rings? I'm new to unity so I'm not really good with the advance features

You'd probably have to model it in a 3d modeling application.

Yeah apart from the standard primitives (cube, sphere, plane...) you'll need to bring in models from outside sources. If you don't have a 3D artist or program to use yourself, there are a number of sites that can provide quality 3D models, some of which free of charge.

Turbosquid 3DXtras The3DStudio FallingPixel

These are a few, a google search for 3D model download, or buy 3D models can probably turn up loads more.

If you're interested in designing your own models, Blender is widely compatible open source modeling software (free). Be warned that 3D modeling programs take time to learn and are a development tool all in themselves, so while there's probably a quick way to make a torus (ring), it will take some practice and learning to make more complex objects.

What I did is

  1. make a short cone in modelling program with a flat top, delete top and bottom faces

  2. apply uvw PNG texture map an energy like texture to it to form a 'ring'

  3. in unity, add a rotate code to the ring to look like it is alive

  4. add a particles/additive to ring to make it awesome


alt text

There are plenty of photoshop tutorials for making cool textures you could use