Create a terrain prefab? Saving a terrain? No?

It seems like this should be intuitive. I should be able to save a terrain. Right?

What’s going on here? As I read through forums and documentation online, I’m seeing people writing their own scripts just to save a stinkin’ terrain. People are talking about saving all the various parts of the terrain as separate files. And to load the terrain later, they make a blank terrain and try to load each file and rebuilt the terrain.

Is it really that miserably hard to save and load a terrain?

I honestly though clicking the terrain and dragging it to my project folder ought to be plenty enough effort. It makes a beautiful prefab. But, alas, when I load that prefab later, it’s pretty much blank.

How do you save a terrain and create a terrain prefab? Thanks.

I process the terrain like any other mesh : create a material, attach textures and then making a prefab like you said. Honestly everything worked fine to me :smiley: