Create a Wireframe Shader with Shader Forge

I 've made a procedural mesh which moves like this video:

It only has the default material now. I want to make it look like this picture:

I think giving it a custom wireframe-effect shader and material will work (, right?)
So I want to create a wireframe shader with Shader Forge.
However I don’t really know where to start. :frowning:
I think some keyword might be VertexColor, Alpha, and so on?
So I am here to ask for any clues or tutorials.

Also, it seems that there is another way to make this moving wireframe terrain–
Write a wireframe shader whose vertices’ position will change (I think it’s called vertex shader, right?) and apply it to a plane mesh,
instead of creating a mesh and moving its vertices via the Mesh class scripts (which is what I am doing now).
Which way do you think is better? And please give me some instruction!
Thanks for your help!

Unity Answers is not a good site to ask for clues or tutorials - it’s generally intended for specific technical questions and there’s s lot of material to cover if you’ve never looked at shaders before.

If you want to understand what a vertex shader is, how colour gets applied etc. I recommend you look at Cg Programming/Unity - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

If you simply want to get a wireframe effect in your built game, I recommend you look on the asset store - there’s at least two options there I’m aware of and they’ll be much quicker to implement than rolling your own.