Create An Arrow With Unity3D

I’m creating an obstacle course type game in which I have many different platforms that do different things. One of them is when the player steps on, it slowly pushes them in one direction. I have the scripts for each individual direction (up, down, right, left), however I have no idea how to indicate which direction the specific platform will be pushing the player.

Basically what I want is to have my platform and have an arrow pointing in the direction it pushes. So how do I create an arrow (no colliders or rigidbody, just like a picture that doesn’t affect the player at all, Or even embedding the word “Left” into the platform).

Or if there are any other simple suggestions as to how to indicate i would appreciate that as well (For example a triangle instead of an arrow thats stretched on one side to indicate the direction)

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can use the GUI to create some text into an empty game object attach to the platform object.