Create an object and assign code to it via script?

I was wondering how it would be possible to create an instance of a prefab and assign a character controller and scripts to it by a code file (preferably in javascript). In my case, the prefab is named Smiley4, and there are two scripts that need to be placed on it when it is instantiated.

thanks in advance, 2Tie

Edit: Mah, i should probably add my current code for it: var NewModel : GameObject; var P1Charname:String = "Smiley4";

function Start() { Instantiate(NewModel, transform.position, transform.rotation); GameObject.Find(P1Charname+"(clone)").AddComponent(CharacterController); GameObject.Find(P1Charname+"(clone)").AddComponent("Gui_StatDisplay"); GameObject.Find(P1Charname+"(clone)").AddComponent("P1Script"); } Smiley is correctly instantiated, but the scripts aren't added...

You could use GameObject.AddComponent


Your script could look like this:

var NewModel : GameObject; 

function Start() { 
  var clone : GameObject;
  clone =  Instantiate(NewModel, transform.position, transform.rotation);