create an object at loadlevel

so i have this script that creates a player after starting a level but the player dosnt work i dont think anything in the player is working. the player has a rigidbody and when he is created hes just standing in the air and dosnt fall. is there a way to get the player to work.

static var one: boolean = false;
var characterone:Transform;

function Update () {
    if(one) {    
        var player= Instantiate(characterone, GameObject.Find("startpoint").transform.position,  Quaternion.identity);

you don't need to instantiate a object, just put it in the scene, wherever you want.

Not sure on this, but LoadLevel will load the level, right? And start scripts in THAT level. So why not have a Start or Awake function in the next level instantiate your player? If you need to port variables (like 'player preference') from scene to scene, the easiest way is PlayerPrefs