Create AssetBundle from FBX or GameObjects in your scene

I have a bunch of FBX and right now my workflow is:

  1. Drag the FBX into a scene, execute my editor script to prepare it
  2. Use another script to export it as prefab
  3. In the inspector mark the prefab as asset bundle
  4. Build all bundles

That’s awefully tedious
can’t I skip the save to prefab step? I only found references how to build asset bundles from assets (list of other AssetBundles) not from a certain GameObject (and its children) from my scene.

Summary: Can I build an AssetBundle from a certain GameObject (and its children) from my scene using editor script?

I found the option to build an asset from a prefab from script which would be good enough, however I can’t get it to work, from Unity API:

  AssetBundleBuild[] buildMap = new AssetBundleBuild[1];
        string bundleName =;
        string[] assets = new string[] { "Assets/FBX/" + bundleName + ".prefab" };
        buildMap[0].assetBundleName = bundleName;
        buildMap[0].assetNames = assets;
        BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles("Assets/AssetBundles", buildMap, BuildAssetBundleOptions.None, BuildTarget.StandaloneLinux64);

The paths exist, I also tried “./” in front of them, the prefabs exist, but nothing happens, no error.
The way I understand it, the completed bundle should appear in the “AssetBundles” directory in my project, right?