Create Circular Motion to follow the object

Hello, im new in unity and need help to create Circular Motion, i starting to create satellite motion and i would like do it, when satellite starting rotate round the earth should have Circular Motion to follow the satellite and show direction to satellite, i’ll post some image show exctelly what i want, also i can have some example explain how upload music in unity3d, include music to simulation and start / stop music button. thanks

You can use Rotate as in the answer by robertblu (with the child satellite at an offset to the parent gameObject), or define a Vector3 to RotateAround : Unity - Scripting API: Transform.RotateAround

var target : Transform; // drop what you want the satellite to rotate around here in the inspector
var orbitSpeed : float = 10.0;
function Update() 
    transform.RotateAround( target.position, Vector3.up, orbitSpeed * Time.deltaTime );
  • Attach this script to your Satellite
  • In the Satellite Inspector, drag and drop the planet you wish the satellite to orbit around into the variable target

Check my answer here on Rotate and RotateAround : How to rotate one object around another one? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

If I understand you correctly, you want to rotate the satellite around the planet?

  • Make an empty game object and place it at the center of the planet.

  • Position the satellite in orbit and then make it a child of the empty game object by dragging and dropping the satellite onto the empty game object in the Hierarchy view.

  • Rotate the empty game object a little bit each frame.

    function Update()