Create Dynamic Flapping Flag (that can resize)

Greetings fellow Unity tinkerers,

I have a rather interesting problem I was hoping to gain some insight into a possible solution to.

I would like to create a flag that flaps in the wind…but also resizes!

See I plan to have the flag represnt a units health, and as it takes damage the width of the flag decreases.

Is there a way to have the flag both animate (flapping) but resize its width (and add damage tears) to it?

If it were static of course I could just use an animation call, but since its resizing as it takes damage Im puzzled about the best way to approach this.

My skill level is intermediate with C# & Unity so I’ll probably understand almost anything you can suggest :slight_smile:

it’s very easy to resize it, just use localScale

no problem with localScale’ing a playing complex animation

regarding “doing damage” that’s always difficult. basically it’s quite simply … a different object.

in this situation, just have yer art department make say 20 different versions of the flag, in various humorous states of degradation. that’s about all you can do!

(You could get in to like repainting the texture on the fly with tatters etc, but it seems absurd here to suggest that.)

As a rule “progressive damage” is very simply you build and swap out a series of models. Hope it helps!

PS I’m sure you’re aware there are many “flapping flag!” animations sitting around, many free