Create mesh filter in Unity

Can I create and edit 2D mesh filters in Unity, or do I need to create them in another program like Blender?

Sorry for the probably silly question, but tomorrow night I’m going to be creating my first mesh filter. I couldn’t find this answer online, and it’s probably just “you can’t” or maybe “you need a plugin from asset store”. I know I can edit an edge collider, which isn’t too much different from a 2D mesh, so I was hoping maybe Unity has added something to let me do this.

If the answer is just “you can’t” please go ahead and add as an answer (if you are pretty sure) instead of a comment, so I can accept it if no better answers are given.

It’s not that you can’t. There are paid assets that allow for some basic 2D and 3D mesh creation, including a full-fledged map creation suite. You could write your own script to allow for in-editor mesh creation, but you’d be much better off with a 3D application. Blender is free and open source, and a very powerful tool for your game design arsenal.