Create more detailed terrain

Is there some way to create more ‘detailed’ terrain? I don’t mean the texture but the rise and fall of the terrain itself.

As and exagerrated example, lets say I want to make a groove in the ground that is only 1cm deep and 1cm wide (assuming each unity ‘unit’ is 1 meter); I don’t think there is a way to do this: the smallest change I can make is much larger than that.

I can, of course, supersize everything in the scene, which would make the terrain appear more detailed in comparison, but I’d rather not confuse my scale like that if I don’t have to.

Change the value of the Heightmap Resolution in the Set Resolution tab. This number must be a power of 2 plus 1 (33, 65, 129, etc etc), so try 1025, 2049, etc. I don’t know what the highest value you can use is.

Be AWARE : if you change this value on your current terrain it will reset all the heights. Backup your terrain first, or create a new terrain. It is possible to write a script that will copy all your heights to the new terrain.

Reduce the size of the terrain in the terrain settings. You’ll need multiple terrains if you’re covering a large area though, since there’s a maximum resolution for terrains.