Create new scene for each level?

Hello everyone,

This is just a really quick question. I’m working on a game (using Unity 5 and Javascript for android) which is pretty much a user drawn course to get an object to the finish.

And what I was wondering is if I should create a new scene for each individual level or just have all of the levels in one scene? Which option would produce lower game size and which one will provide more performance during runtime?

I am planning to have at-least 25 levels probably much more than that though. (Just use 25 as a rough estimate)

Thanks, and all responses are appreciated!

Individual scenes take up space, that is undoubtedly true. Therefore if, and if you can do this, use a single level and make all your stages in it. Then store the different stages as prefabs. Initiate the prefabs when a stage is completed, obviously delete the old ones. To give a effect of level change you can use something called screen fader (look it up).

Good luck!