Create pic at start

How do I create a picture/logo that pops up when I press the exe. of the game. Like any program, like 3d max,maya…
And have it stay there for a coupe sec. then start the game.

You’d have to make it in an external program which afterwards run your application. If you’re fine with having your splash inside the application you could just create a GUI-texture or put the texture onto a cube which is shown at start.

  1. create a new scene

  2. add new gui texture(the splash screen which you want)

  3. create a new script and place it on the main camera

    code for the script

    function Start()
    yield WaitForSeconds(the time which you want the splash screen to appear);
    Application.LoadLevel(the next level which you want to load);

  4. go to file-> buildsettings : drag the scene with the splash image to the top so that it gets the build number 0

Would you happen to know any program that I can use to make it