Create planar UVs on procedurally generated mesh

I have a completly flat 2D mesh that is being generated procedurally. ( more info here )

The mesh was generated from this image that I’m now trying to apply as a texture, so I’m trying to get the UV’s to work.

	    Vector2[] endingUVs = new Vector2[finalVerts.Count];
        Bounds bounds = newMesh.bounds;

		for(int k = 0; k < fVerts.Length;k++) {
			Vector2 aUV = new Vector2((fVerts[k].x/bounds.size.y)*-1, (fVerts[k].y/bounds.size.y));
			endingUVs[k] = aUV; 
		newMesh.uv = endingUVs;

Here are things I have found out:

  • Dividing by bounds.size.Y both times gives me the closest size at the correct aspect ratio (my image isn’t quite square 492w*470h)
  • Multiplying by -1 gives me the right flip on the X axis
  • Afterward setting the offset to .5 and .5 in the editor makes it centered. (like below, at offset 0, 0 its in the top right)


Any ideas how I can get this sized correctly in a procedural way that will work for any image?

If I print out the values of some of the UV’s I’m making I am getting some negative ones because naturally some of the vertices have negative positions. (0.3, -0.2) etc, when I try Math.Abs on the values that doesn’t seem to give the desired results either.

Also I found this which is very similar code to what I have:

Figured it out, ignore my rambling above. It turns out I was using the wrong bounds. The

The newly generated mesh had a tighter bounds, thus I was getting a smaller projection of the image, which makes sense.

What I wanted to use was the bounds of the original plane (not pictured here), which is the same size as my character texture, and makes for a correct planar projection. Awesome.

So yeah I was second guessing it, but the formula found here is pretty sound, just make sure you use the right bounds :slight_smile: