Create risk style game with unity?

I am trying to create a risk style game using unity. What i cant figure out is how i will create this world map and give it the exact boundaries i need then get it put into unity. I would also have to have certain territories to click and add your units for attacking. It would also need a fog of war type element so you cant see the enemy’s forces unless you recon the area. What tools do i need for this? I have tried researching these elements but keep coming up empty handed.

From what i can see, you need to plan/design your game.
At current stage, you sound like “I will make a game” - ish vague.

Try to be specific in planning.

For one, decide whether your map needs to be somewhat like a real world, with jagged edges and irregular shapes.
If so, you can create a bunch of box colliders as a group to be used together. Even better(and kind of overkill), you can create meshes and use unity mesh colliders.
Or, use a 2 dimensional tiled map and utilize x,y coordinates to set as tiles. Afaik, Total War games use tiled map (at least in Rome and Medieval2) as its land.

Use multiple scenes for multiple maps and so on.

You just need design your game at this phase. You already set the direction, so go nuts with it.:smiley:

Of course, you will be able to do this in Unity. How to implement it, however, is up to you. No one will provide you with a whole solution to how to code your game. I’d suggest that you search for some Real Time Strategy tutorials for Unity. If you have designed you game (maybe on paper - the game mechanics, etc.) you can ask specific questions, like “How do I create a fog that let’s the player see 100 meters ingame” etc.

You are 3 steps ahead of yourself at the moment, start learning the core basics of the unity engine it self and plan out how you want to do your gameplay 1 brick at a time. Graphics, effects and extra you can deal with later, first you need some bone to work with.

Currently you are just naming RTS elements :confused:

Some useful links






Hi I have made a prototype world map (albeit just europe as of this moment). Which allows hover over and selecting individual countries. Very early days but I will be looking at how to incorporate units and time based multipliers. Basically the same rules as the boardgame Diplomacy/Risk and how to attack and take over adjacent territories.

Like I said very early days as I have another game to finish first.

Fingers crossed but so far so good. If you need a pointer I am happy to help.