Create Twisters that Move and sucks the player up

Hey all,

I am fairly new to unity but have gotten a good grasp on the basics. What I want to do is this;

I want to create a particle effect tornado that moves around randomly and sucks up and kills the player if they get close enough.

The tornado would probably by a combination of particle effects.

I want the 'suck' from the tornado to get stronger as you get closer so probably multiple wind/gravity zones that affect the player.

Also probably just an invisible box inside the tornado with a box collider with a basic kill/damage script.

SO how could I do all this? Is there any tutorials for this type of thing? I could probably work out particles and the kill script on my own, but have no idea how to get the character sucked up.


Riley Morse

I wrote this for Unreal over 10 years ago, but the concepts are pretty similar, it might be of some help at least conceptually: Swap Y and Z axes.