Create UUID for cards and store them

I’m making a card game, and the cards all need to have a unique ID.

I come from a software engineering back ground, so, I would think that wed make a UUID on runtime and store the id in a database but I’m learning that may not be needed for video games. Id like to make a UUID on creation of a card (right now I’m using scriptable objects and have those object be able to be made in a context menu) then store it for me to access later.

Why I need to make an UUID:

The IDs are needed so that I can compare the users cards to what the cards are in game to validate make sure there was no tampering, i will encrypt the cards IDs. I need to know how to create a UUID and keep the ID persisted.

Any ideas or methods?

Thanks you all.

Simple use any Cloud Database, For example Unity3d Services is already providing it and you can store complete scriptable object in one word file or you can use firebase, Amazon and many more free to use out there.