create variable trouble

I get this error, “Assets/scripts/scripts/Shoot.cs(6,17): error CS0825: The contextual keyword `var’ may only appear within a local variable declaration”

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Shoot : MonoBehaviour 
	private var ShootActive = false;
	void OnMouseDown ()
	void Update () 

This is the script i am writing so far, i am trying to crate a variable that when active an object spawns on the empty that this script is attached to. I want an if statement in the OnMouseDown area that says “when ShootActive = true spawn object and when ShootActive = false do nothing” but i don’t know how to write this
Thanks for any help i get, please don’t just say i can’t do this with an if statement and i need to use something else. I need an example script or a script written to fit this one. Thanks

Hi lildevil345,

That is a c# script you are using. I’m afraid we don’t use var in c#, instead try:

Private bool shootActive = false;

Remember, In c# you have to declare the kind of variable.