Created build from Unity 2021 with URP but rendered colors are dull and dark compared to editor game window.

I was working on a project on Unity 2020.3 LTS with URP initially where rendering setting was adjusted according to the needs.

Due to some additional requirements, I needed to upgrade the project Unity 2021.3 LTS. Still using the URP. Everything setting is the same as before but the issue I’m facing is the build which is being created from Unity 2021.3 has dark colors. Like the whole color pallet has been dulled and darkened.

However I cannot see this issue on Unity editor game window. Colors are fine on unity editor but are affected in the build.

The target platforms of build are Windows and macOS.

I tried adjusting post processing a bit to counter this change but the result is not satisfactory. Has anyone experienced this issue before?

I need some guidance on how to fix this issue.

I managed to fix this issue. The culprit was Screen Space Ambient Occlusion in universal renderer data asset. It was added as renderer feature but was disabled as I wasn’t using it at all. Somehow the disabled feature was causing problem. I removed it altogether from the renderer asset and created build again. The colours seems to have fixed now. Seems a bug from Unity’s end.