Created game but need to be next to folder

i created a unity game and posted it on indiedb and i test downloaded it and when i clicked on the game an error poped up that said “There should be ‘The_Ganzfild_Effet_Part_1_Data’
folder next to the executable” i cant post the other folder online so i dont know how to post it and let people play it! pls help!

Why can’t you post the data folder online? Just package up your whole game - the .exe and the /data folder into an archive.

Either that, or change the target platform to build for the webplayer rather than windows standalone.

"This is not possible through Unity. You will have to use another program to pack the data folder and .exe file together and create a new .exe for you.

For example Smart Packer or MoleBox."

(This was originally answered by GameVortex in this thread)