CreateTerrainGameObject not creating tree colliders?

I’m passing terrain data from the server to the client. On client side, I recreate the TerrainData and call CreateTerrainGameObject. Works fine, trees are all there, etc.
Except for one VERY important thing…no tree colliders.

The exact same terrain on my server works fine, but it holds the original. I’m only using
one tree prefab, it has a collider, as does my player.

I’ve tried TerrainData.RefreshPrototypes, and Terrain.Flush(). No luck.
Anyone else run into this?

I’ve only been able to consistently get the terrain to recreate all colliders by doing these three things:

  1. Reassign the trees
  2. Force a heightmap refresh by calling SetHeights. You can just supply an empty value at 0,0.
  3. Disable and reenable the terrain collider.

I’ll add some code when I get the chance.