Creating 2D sprite objects, completely invisible

First time working in Unity 2D instead of 3D and having some issues. I’m attempting to make a 2D Object > Sprite > Circle, but every time it spawns in completely invisible. It isn’t just layered behind my canvas, when I move it away from the canvas it’s still completely invisible. Regardless, I tried changing its sorting layer and order in layer and nothing changed.

I’ve also tried creating an empty object and adding a sprite renderer or image component to it, but that doesn’t work either. Anyone ever seen this before?

On a Canvas layer with the Rect Transform, the Width and Height are defined in pixels. Your sprite is probably there, but scaled to 1 pixel high and 1 pixel wide. You should specify the expected size in the Rect Transform.

If you create a object with a Sprite Renderer outside of the canvas, then it will automatically use the width and height of the sprite.