Creating "levels" in unity

How does one go about doing so? I’ve gone through many many posts here on loading them but I cant figure out how to pack all the assets and materials into a singular file or load list. When I think of levels I’m thinking individual zones with unique textures. I apologize if my question is vague, I’m having a hard time putting what I want to ask into words.

Sorry Isaac, I’m a little confused. Is there any reason you can’t make individual scenes for each level and load them when you need them?

Personally, if I need to separate different levels (Mario on the NES style) I make a scene for each level where I place the landscape and default game objects and load each level when I need them.

Well…every Scene in Unity is a level. If you want different textures, use different Prefabs with different materials.

You’re new, aren’t you? :smiley:

Unity works by Scenes, which are “levels” in a way. It is optimal to make your levels by Scenes.

In a Scene, you simply work on it through the Editor window and save it.

You don’t have to pack all the assets and materials, Unity does that for you when you make a build. While editing, all you have to do is import into the project panel and drag into the scene window.

I recommend doing some basic tutorials before you start asking more questions.